Welcome to our weekly Real Estate and Lending Radio Talkshow.

Each week we will give you the most current information about the real estate industry.  We will try to invite professionals such as real estate attorneys, appraisers, escrow officers, as well as representatives from HUD to help you make sound decisions for your real estate transactions.  All contents of our radio program are for informational use only.  We do not provide any advice on the radio.  Please consult with us individually so that we can provide you with more accurate solution for your specific situation.

Tune in to our Radio program every Sunday at 8 p.m. on KVVN 1430AM.  You can also catch our programs online here as well. 



Main Topics
9-26-10What should you do when you received "Notice of Default"?
9-12-10Should you refinance your home again? What if you have to pay prepayment penalty?
9-5-10What are the financial consequences when Quitclaim or Refinance your home? Should you sell your home without a real estate broker?
8-29-10"$10,000 Tax credit for Californian and What are the features of HAFA program? 
8-22-10"Questions and Answers rergarding shortsales purchase"
8-15-10"What are the different advantages and disadvantages when buy Foreclosed Home, REO, or Short Sale?"
8-8-10"What you should know about refinancing", and "Using 401K to invest in Real Estate"
8-1-10"Buying HUD homes", and "Differences between traditional Short Sale and HAFA Short Sale?"
7-25-10"San Jose First Time Buyer Welcome Home Loan Assistant Program" and "Using 401K to purchase Real Estate Investment"

"Shortsale vs. Foreclosure" and "What to prepare before buying your home"

7-11-2010"How to improve your Fico Score" and "Things you should know about Foreclosure"